What makes Cedar Crest Ice Cream different is we make the kind of ice cream we would eat everyday. It’s the ice cream we would buy and serve to our friends and family. In fact, when we started the business, we looked at every ice cream being made and compared what was available with our own vision for what a great, Wisconsin ice cream should taste like. What we make now, the small batch, premium quality ice cream you can buy today is the very same recipe that we developed back then.

At Cedar Crest the ice cream business is the only business we’re in, so our level of commitment is really high. And with our craft ice cream philosophy, our processes are all centered on making small batches that give the ice cream more flavor and creaminess. A flavor and creaminess that we think is unsurpassed in the ice cream business, and we sincerely hope you agree.

Did you know we invented ‘tracks’ in ice cream? Sure, you see it everywhere today, but Elephant Tracks® was the first of its kind in the market. Since then, we’ve created some of the most exciting flavors and names in the business. Names like Caramel Collision®, Coconut Explosion, Super Madness and Lady Bug® just to name a few. We offer over 80 flavors of ice cream, with yearly Feature Flavors that offer truly unique and exciting ice cream experiences.

“That’s a mighty big cow.”

Cedar Crest Ice Cream Parlor is a great place to visit in Manitowoc Wisconsin! Our factory fresh ice cream is served to order along with sundaes, shakes and malts.

Hand dipped, Cedar Crest Premium Ice Cream, from our factory dipping store offers you the opportunity to try a long list of flavors that rotate throughout the year.

Yes, that’s us. Our address is 2000 S 10th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. And we’re not sure if more people visit us because of the giant cow or because the ice cream is that good (but don’t tell the cow we wonder about that, she thinks it’s all about her)