Scoop our small batch, premium quality ice cream at your dipping store!


With over 80 flavors, including feature flavors that rotate throughout the selling season, Cedar Crest has a great line up of products.

From across Wisconsin, down through Illinois and up the Mississippi to Minnesota, we supply more quality ice cream to America’s best scooping parlors than any other ice cream producer.

Why Cedar Crest Ice Cream?


Because our ice cream was made for parlors. It scoops better, stays fresher longer and is consistently more flavorful than other brands. Our great Cedar Crest Ice Cream Parlor Partners continue to enjoy our family brand of hospitality, too, with on-time refrigerated delivery.

In addition to our ice cream, we offer cones, frozen and fresh toppings, containers, and utensils – all of which can be ordered right along with your small batch, premium Cedar Crest Ice Cream.

We also have the resources you need to effectively promote your parlor with point of sale materials including flavor boards, posters, indoor and outdoor signage, flavor strips, and much more!

Cedar Crest offers the resources you need to have a successful and prosperous dipping parlor business!


To learn more about scooping Cedar Crest Ice Cream  please call 1-800-877-8341.