Your guests can taste the difference!

What you may not know is just how many area schools, universities and hospitals depend on Cedar Crest Ice Cream. From our pints of ice cream to novelties and 3 gallon bulk packaging, Cedar Crest has the perfect product for every out of home venue.

Cedar Crest is your source for foodservice ice cream in Wisconsin and surrounding states. Look to Cedar Crest at dipping stores, restaurants, schools, universities, vending, convenience stores, sporting events, museums and zoos!

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Premium 3-Gallon Tubs
Reduced Fat 3 Gallon Tub
After Dinner MintVanilla Ice Milk
Amaretto Mackinac Island Fudge 
BananaReduced Fat No Sugar 3 Gallon Tub 
Birthday CakeButter Pecan
Black Cherry  
Black Walnut No Fat No Sugar 3 Gallon Tub
Blue Moon Chocolate Swirl
Blueberry Waffle Cone Strawberry Swirl 
Bubble Gum Vanilla 
Butter Brittle  
Butter Pecan Yogurt 3 Gallon Tub
Candy Bar Chocolate
Caramel Collision®Peach Melba
ChocolatePraline Pecan
Chocolate ChipStrawberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vanilla 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ecstasy   
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Sherbet 3 Gallon Tub
Coconut Explosion Orange
Cookie MonsterPineapple
Cookies ‘n CreamRainbow
Cotton Candy Raspberry
Daily GrindSunset Rainbow
Deluxe Vanilla Watermelon
Elephant Tracks 
French Silk No Fat / No Sugar Cups – 3 oz.
French Vanilla Chocolate Swirl 
Green Tea Strawberry Swirl
Jamocha Joe 
Jumping Jersey CowIce Cream Plastic Cups – 3 oz.
Lady Bug®Blue Moon
Mackinac Island FudgeChocolate Malt
Malted Mountain Happy Birthday
Maple Nut Mint ‘n Fudge
Midnight Dark ChocolateRainbow Sherbet
Mint Chocolate ChipVanilla
Mint Mackinac Island Fudge 
Mississippi Mud Sherbet Plastic Cups – 3 oz.
New York CherryCotton Candy
Orange PuddingPink Lemonade
Peanut Butter CupRaspberry
Peanut Butter Cup Mackinac Island FudgeRainbow
Peppermint Stick 
Pirates Bounty™Ice Cream Plastic Cups – 4 oz.
Pistachio AlmondButterscotch Sundae
PlaydoughChocolate Sundae
Praline PecanStrawberry Sundae
Rocky RoadVanilla
Sea Turtle 
ShipwreckSherbet Foam Cups – 4 oz.
Strawberry CheesecakeOrange
Tart Cherry 
Toasted Chocolate Almond FudgeIce Cream Novelty Cups – 9 oz.
Van’ Elephant TracksChoco Chiller
 Cookies ‘n Cream
Twisters 3 Gallon TubSuper Madness 
Orange Twister 
Raspberry Twister